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Sports Infrastructure

A host of indoor and board games are also played at Springfield World School. These games create not only physical fitness but also alertness and focus.

National Level Coaches train students for various sports, like

Springfield World School

Carefully Nurturing The Pool Of Talent

Our swimming pools are a standout feature. Students train under expert coaches, which helps them to prepare for prestigious national and international competitions. All the pools are hygienically maintained.

World Class Sports Facilities

At Springfield, playing sports is a way of life. No effort or expense is spared to ensure that students get the very best in terms of facilities, be it training, grounds or equipment.

Training To Ace Every Test In Life

Tennis is fast catching up among kids, who are dreaming of becoming a Federer or a Sania. The sport requires a high level of coaching and focus. At Springfield, we ensure that kids get quality exposure, opportunities and nutrition so that no dream is too big to achieve.


For the first time in Vidisha, Madhya Pradesh, Springfield World School presents the sport, Equestrian, to its students. National level trained coaches train the students for several equestrian games like dressage, show-jumping and tent pegging.

Our stable consists four thoroughbred horses and the riding ground is a huge arena of 75 meters by 50 meters filled with 6 inches of sand for students' safety.

Sports Infra - Springfield World School