Labs - Springfield World School

Our Physics, Chemistry and Biology Labs

are fully equipped with all modern facilities and equipment to allow children to engage in learning through research. The Labs have been planned keeping the safety of the students in mind. Well-trained professionals assist and engage children, encouraging them to work in groups as well as individually to enable them to correlate practical and theoretical experiences.

our Math Lab

students are encouraged to exercise their mathematical theories and concepts through the use of curriculum specific kits. As a result, our Math Lab helps our students to implement mathematics practically in their day to day lives and make it fun to learn.

MathLabs - Springfield World School

Our Computers Lab

is endowed with modern Information and Communication Technology which allows our students to express themselves without restraint and to prepare them for the future. The Computers Lab is also meticulously planned and equipped with updated hardwares and softwares. As a result, our students inhibit opportunities to research, create, explore and challenge their abilities and skill sets.