Springfield World School

Chairman's Message

Chairman - Springfield World School

Mr. Yogendra Singh Rana
Springfield World School

The significance of sports in education cannot be overemphasized.
Active interest in sport gives a lifetime of pleasure and health. At Springfield World School, we are working on the vision of creating perfect training grounds for children so that they may play and excel in any sport of their choice.

We have a sprawling campus housing grounds, pitches, swimming pools, courts, athletics track and other infrastructure. We believe that physical activities and hobbies should be intrinsic to classroom learning. This is critical for a child’s all-round development. Our vision is that in the next 10 or 15 years our students or alumni should be able to compete at the highest level like Olympics or Asiad and bring laurels for the country. The school has been modeled on the concept of holistic education, and it will play the same role in the development of the country as Nalanda and Takshila once did.

We conduct classroom activities by using modern tools and gadgetry. This enables children to enjoy their lessons and keep pace with the latest advancements in the world. We shall always be at the forefront to use novel techniques so as to give our students the best learning environment possible.

As a school, we are still very young. But the response of parents has been overwhelming. Being new has its merits. It helps the school be more alert and adaptive. Listening is one of the things we do best. Any parent, anytime, is free to approach me if he or she has any suggestion to help the school along.

I invite all the parents to be our partners in what could be a defining moment for their children.