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Our Early Years Foundation programme is for children with age of 2.5 - 5.5 years. We offer your child a nurturing, creative and stimulating environment to ensure their academic, personal, social, cultural and emotional development. We ensure that our children receives special attention to their physical, mental and emotional needs. Our extensively planned curriculum focuses on developing cognitive development, fine motor skills, gross motor skills, language development, personal awareness and nurturing individual potential.

Mission-Vision | Springfield World School

Teaching Methodology

Our Pre-Primary Programme is well-balanced, enriched and child-focused which integrates discovery-based learning and traditional teaching in a caring and nurturing environment. We focus on building a strong foundation for our tiny tots to learn, grow and imbibe essential life skills. Our approach towards reading, writing, reasoning and mathematical skills create an active learning experience too. Well qualified and experienced teachers provide guidance and support for our kindergarten students to develop intellectually, socially and emotionally.


Our tiny tots are encouraged to learn at their own pace. At Springfield World School, our method of teaching is more of nurturing and supportive rather than competitive. Progress of our kindergarten students is measured through two term assessment and play way activities.

Montessori Section

  • We love, we teach, and we care. Most importantly, we smile!
  • Don’t teach them, show them! It is said that young children
  • learn much more through visual tools.
  • Hence, at Springfield, teaching is coupled with visuals that
  • make learning fascinating and effective.
Montessori Sections - Springfield World School

Montessori Sections - Springfield World School

Shaping Young Minds Through Simple Yet Effective Methods

  • Ideal student-teacher ratio of 25:1
  • Emphasis on practical and conceptual learning
  • Use of digital tools
  • A preview of next day's lessons is shared, which helps students to come prepared and learn better.
  • Teacher’s training at Springfield is a continuous and rigorous process.


Sportseed is a unique concept wherein children's bodies are made strong, flexible and capable to withstand the rigors of sports training as they grow old. It's a major step towards children's physical well-being and injury prevention.

Highly specialized and scientifically developed equipment is used for the purpose. No other school, to the best of our knowledge, is currently having this facility.

Montessori Sections - Springfield World School
Montessori Sections - Springfield World School