Springfield World School


A Boarding School's Significance

A boarding school develops qualities like leadership, independence, self-management and discipline. Many of India's finest leaders, sportsmen, and achievers from every field have been the products of boarding schools.
Springfield World School provides affordable education with a host of facilities that are found only in big schools.

Residential facilities at Springfield World School have been developed keeping in mind the specific needs of children. Right from the wake- up call in the morning to the bed time at night, all activities are centred on proper attention and care for students. No wonder many children, who are initially home-sick, grow fond of the school.

All-Round Growth Of A Child…

requires the fertile ground of grooming, facilities, care and encouragement in formative years so that students may bloom to their full potential and glory. Producing leaders of tomorrow - ones who have the confidence to take on the challenges of a changing world - is the core objective behind the conception of Springfield World School.

Boarding | Springfield World School
Boarding | Springfield World School

Our Boarding School's Features:

  • Morning exercise for fitness
  • Healthy breakfast which includes among other eatables dry fruits, sprouts and a glass of milk
  • 4 nutritious meals a day
  • A good, homely care
  • Comfortable beds
  • Association with renowned doctors and hospitals for medical emergencies
  • Round-the-clock supervision and care
  • A dining hall for 250 students
  • RO Drinking Water

Security Features:

  • CCTV cameras in every block
  • Tall boundary walls
  • School guards on duty all the time