Springfield World School

Director’s Message

Director - Springfield World School

Mrs. Meenal Singh Rana
Springfield World School
B.Sc (DAVV), L.L.B Topper (DAVV Indore) 1989, B.Ed (DAVV) 1991

Providing good, homely care to the students is one of our focus areas. We believe that all children should feel at home and blend in with the school environment. Only then they can feel free and give their best.

I look after students at Springfield as if they were my own kids. Like parents, we ensure that children develop good habits such as eating nutritious food, taking regular exercise and having proper sleep. We also teach students Indian values and ethos. Common courtesy, respectful behavior and right etiquettes are taught to the children at an early age. The purpose is to mold our pupils into good human beings. Sundays, as in most homes, are fun days. Picnics and expeditions are routinely organized to give students a change of air and scenery.

As a long-time yoga practitioner, I like to be one with nature. It’s important that children develop a harmonious relationship with nature and learn to preserve it. Recently, we introduced organic farming on the campus. Our students get – as much as possible – farm-fresh organic fruits and vegetables. We are also planning wheat cultivation and a flour mill on the campus. We have invested heavily in hi-tech RO plants. Thus children are growing up on a consistent diet of pure food, unpolluted air and clean water. It’s wonderful to see them turning into healthy and energetic go-getters.

We spend our evenings with children. We all eat the same food in the same mess. We live and bond like a family. As a result, students don’t feel lonely. They get all the emotional support they need.

Proper care is a critical part of learning, and we are committed to meet students’ needs pro-actively so they can meet their goals in a stress-free environment.